CVRT Testing

The CVRT or Commercial Vehicle Roadworthy Test confirms that the vehicle meets the minimum safety standards on the day of testing. It is required on all passenger vechicles which have more than 8 seats such as buses and also ambulances and all commercial vehicles. Passing the CVRT annually provides owners with a Certificate of Road Worthiness, (CRW), which is required to tax your vehicle. Cawley Commercials provide our customers with  a modern and comprehensive testing centre in accordance with the National Road Safety Authority Regulations.

    Cawley Commercials provide both types of commercial vehicle tests

    LCV’s or Light Commercial Vehicle Tests are neccessary for all small goods vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3,500 kg or less

    HCV testing is required on all goods vehicles and trailers with a GVW over 3500 kg ambulances and buses. Cawleys are experienced providers of VTN services for over 30 years 

      Testing is provided for:

      • Light Goods Vehicles
      • Ambulances
      • Heavy Goods Vehicles
      • Buses
      • Trailers and Semi-Trailers
      • Campervans